Perdido Key Association Instlls Panels at Johnson Beach

Perdido Key Association Instlls Panels at Johnson Beach
Several interpretive wayside panels were recently upgraded and installed at the national seashore’s Perdido Key Area thanks to the Perdido Key Association (PKA). The wayside panels and some associated hardware had weathered badly since it was first installed. The PKA approached the National Park Service earlier this year to provide financial support for the upgrade.
“We are grateful to the Perdido Key Association for their generous donation in support of the national seashore,” said Superintendent Dan Brown. “Interpretive wayside panels are a critical tool of the National Park Service to share the important stories of the national seashore.”
At Perdido Key these waysides interpret the natural beauty and dynamic wildlife of the area, provide trail guidance and safety reminders, and tell the story of important figures like Rosamond Johnson.
For over 30 years, the Perdido Key Association has been an information source and public voice for the island’s owners and residents. “Johnson Beach is one of Perdido Key’s greatest wonders and the upgraded panels will help residents and visitors appreciate it even more,’’ said PKA President Charles Krupnick.
Pictured: PKA Members Charles Krupnick and Bill Eshelman.