Baby two-toed sloth added to Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo family

Baby two-towed sloth added to Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo family

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo family is one sloth larger this month, as Silvia, a two-toed sloth, gave birth to a healthy and strong offspring. “Because keepers have such a great relationship with Sylvia, we were able to train a husbandry behavior within the first day,’’ the zoo staff posted on facebook. “The goal is to let us weigh the baby and perform general health checks while mom remains calm and allows us to do so.’’
While the new family remains off exhibit, sloth encounters with sloths Speedy & Sonic will continue at the zoo.
Located t 20499 Oak Rd East in Gulf Shores, the zoo includes 500 animals such as lions, tigers, lemurs, monkeys, bears, and giraffes. The zoo also boasts a reptile house, a petting zoo and an aviary. It is open from 9 a.m. ‘til 5 p.m. daily. Visit or call 251- 968-5732 for more zoo info.
Pictured: The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo’s new family member.