Flora-Bama announces plans to increase traffic flow at State Line

Flora-Bama announces plans to increase traffic flow at State Line
It is a fact. The Flora-Bama and the two beach front communities it borders will continue to see an increased amount of vehicular traffic.
With that in mind, The Flora-Bama Lounge, Package, and Oyster Bar has been working over the past two years on designs and improvements to its properties that will provide for better ingress/egress of traffic, more parking spaces, and a newly designed crosswalk.
Working closely with the Dept. of Transportation in each state and Orange Beach, the Flora-Bama has put together a master plan that is complementary to the Perdido Key Master Plan.
It will include much needed roadway improvements and a new crosswalk. The improvements will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety. Work will begin later this year and be completed by the spring of 2019.
The improvements include:
• Re-Striping of the roadway to provide turn lanes into the Flora-Bama properties.
• Increased signage related to pedestrian crossing ahead. Signage on the Alabama side has already been installed.
• Reduced access points into/out of the Flora-Bama properties.
• A new crosswalk, with the second crosswalk at the caution light removed to limit pedestrian crossings to one location.
• Increased parking of over 150 spaces at Flora-Bama.
• Improved and increased lighting on roadway.
• Increased presence of crossing guards/deputies to direct traffic at peak times.
“We will remain proactive on any solutions to traffic and safety concerns that we can affect. Perdido Key and Orange Beach continue to see an increased amount of vehicular traffic as more visitors discover the unique beauty of the area,’’ the Flora-Bama ownership group stated in a press release. “As one of the largest employers in the area and the anchor for the arts and music culture of the Gulf Coast, The Flora-Bama recognizes our responsibility to be a harmonious part of the neighborhood, and we again take this obligation seriously.’’

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