Gulf Shores Recycling Center to reopen May 18

Gulf Shores Recycling Center to reopen May 18
By John Mullen
City Administrator Steve Griffith announced the city’s recycling center will reopen on May 18 at the Gulf Shores City Council May 11 meeting. The facility has been closed since late March due to concerns over the pandemic and employees handling materials from households all over Pleasure Island.
The drop-off recycling facility, located at 160 W. 36th Ave., does not accept medical waste, aerosol cans, paint or tires.
Items accepted include: Glass; Aluminium; Plastic No. 1, 2, 3; Office paper, Newspapers, Magazines; Fluorescent Light Bulbs; Metal; Cardboard; Electronics (televisions, microwaves, printers); Tin cans (must be rinsed); Packing Styrofoam.
All items must be sorted into the proper bins. For additional information, contact the Public Works Department at 251-968-1156.

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