Guy Perry to speak at March 18 L.A. Writers meeting. Guests welcome to come hear singer/songwriter/author

Guy Perry to speak at March 18 L.A. Writers meeting
Guests welcome to come hear singer/songwriter/author

By Nancy Dickhute
Singer, songwriter and author Guy Perry will be the featured speaker at the upcoming L.A. Beach Writers meeting on Monday, March 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the Thomas B. Norton Library in Gulf Shores. Please join us as Mr. Perry discusses his writing career and shares with us some of his inspiration for his books, A Gulf Shore Christmas and The Mardi Gras Boat Parade.
A Gulf Coast Christmas, is a delightful family Christmas book featuring the friendly creatures of the Gulf Coast – Beach Bunny, Bama Beach Mouse, Gusty Ghost Crab, plus pelicans, sandpipers, a family of beavers, monarch butterflies, and a fox who all gather for a delicious seafood gumbo feast while decorating a grand cypress tree. These creatures made their first appearance in Treasures in the Sand, a compilation of ten short stories and poems set in the beaches and bayous along the Gulf Coast.
The Mardi Gras Boat Parade is a whimsical family book that features gulf coast creatures fashioning their own boats and parades, taking part in all the fun traditions of carnival time. Louisiana artist, Tami Curtis, illustrated this book with her whimsical colorful style.
Guy has his roots in zydeco, country, and rockabilly. His formative years were spent on a Kentwood, Louisiana, dairy farm just north of New Orleans. The front porch was home to music-loving parents, grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins “pickin’ and grinnin’ after the work was done. But the sand and the sea called him to Gulf Shores, where he owns and operates Island Life Beach Rentals and Charters. In his spare time, Perry gathers wild muscadines, dewberries, persimmons, and any wild fruit to create jams and jellies from recipes passed down the generations. Perry is married to (above with Guy) Louisiana artist Tami Curtis who shares Guy’s love of music, art, good books, and the Gulf Coast. For more information and to order any of Guy Perry’s books, go to
Following Mr. Perry’s presentation, members will gather to share their responses to this month’s writing prompts: 1) If you were given $100 by a stranger, who told you to do a good deed with it, what would you do? 2) When life and events feel scary or uncertain, where do you go for security and what do you do? The group will also have an important vote to take concerning its book Letters from the Beach.
The public is welcome to attend Guy Perry’s presentation. If you would like to attend, please contact either of the co-chairs, Nancy Dickhute ( or Kim Shackelford ( L.A. Beach Writers also welcomes those who would like to become members of the writing group. The group exists to support writers in all genres by providing opportunities to write, receive feedback and encourage their writing endeavors. For more information on L.A. Beach Writers, please visit our website at