Hangout Fest organizers hope all goes as planned

Hangout Fest organizers hope all goes as planned
Hangout Fest 2020 currently falls just after the end of the CDC’s recommended timeline for a stoppage of public gatherings in order to help slow the COVID-19 crisis. But with the New Orleans Jazz Fest scheduled just two weeks prior the latest casualty of the pandemic, fest organizers and their lodging partners are preparing contingencies.
“It remains our hope to keep the event moving forward as planned, but given the rapidly changing landscape, we are currently planning for multiple scenarios and are working with appropriate authorities and major lodging companies in the area to provide answers and solutions for our fans as quickly as possible,’’ organizers said on the fest website. Vacation rental companies have agreed to postpone any further deposits or payments from our fans until May 1. Those with reservations for the fest, should rental businesses directly about reservation and cancellation policies.
Pictured: Bartenders Josh and Dusty yukking it up at the 2013 fest.

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