Hurricane Sally debris pickup resumes Jan. 4 in Orange Beach

Hurricane Sally debris pickup resumes Jan. 4 in Orange Beach

The City of Orange Beach’s debris contractor CrowderGulf will temporarily suspend debris pickup operations through the New Year’s holidays. Pickup will resume on Monday, January 4. As of Thursday, December 17th, approximately 375,000 cubic yards of debris from the city right-of-ways has been removed. That’s equivalent to more than 17,000 dump trucks’ worth of debris, which would cover nearly 60 football fields with debris piled three feet high.

Additionally, other debris collection totals are as follows:

30,000 cubic yards of marine debris from first pass (second pass to begin after New Year’s)
18 vessels (out of roughly 625 displaced vessels, of which nearly all were retrieved by boat owners)
20,000 cubic yards of trail debris
1,390 pieces of white goods (refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, washers/dryers, etc.)
The city’s debris operations will continue into 2021 with marine debris pickup on waterways to cease by February. The debris trucks picking up on the city’s right-of-ways will haul through at least March to ensure the city is thoroughly cleaned of all hurricane debris.

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