O.B. to train staff on proper disinfection methods

O.B. to train staff on proper disinfection methods
City also approves changes to two construction projects

By John Mullen
Orange Beach is going to spend about $2,000 to get key personnel training on the proper way to clean and disinfect city facilities against the COVID-19 virus.
“While this has been going on the biggest thing on everyone’s mind is safety,” Councilman Jeff Boyd said at the May 5 council meeting. “Not just the safety of what’s happening in the city but at the forefront is the safety with everyone coming to town. By far we want everyone here, we want them back, we want the business back. But our number one priority is our safety, our employees’ safety and the safety of the people that are coming and their families.”
The city is hiring GreenCo from Foley to run the first of two training modules the first of which is free and the second step in the training will be paid for by the city. Department heads were asked to designate employees that would benefit most from the training.
“Here’s the importance,” Boyd said. “Let’s say Maria is cleaning an elevator and Maria understands spraying the elevator to get inside and wipe the doors but she also uses that rag elsewhere. She also may cough in the elevator and not have protection. This training trains to understand the difference between decontamination and disinfection. You have to clean it before you can disinfect it. You can’t sterilize or disinfect dirt.”
Also, during the meeting, the council OK’d a change in two planned unit developments, one for Turquoise Place and another for Robinson Grove, a 14-home subdivision on Terry Cove east of the Walker Key complex.
Turquoise Place asked for an extension of its PUD until Sept. 30, 2021 as it makes plans to build a parking deck east of that complex to alleviate overcrowding in its parking deck. The overflow parking is having to use a field across five-lane Perdido Beach Boulevard and those using it must make that dangerous crossing to get to the condos.
Robinson Grove is a cottage development on former Walker family land and will also include a pier with boat slips for residents.

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