Orange Beach City Council

By John Mullen
At the Oct. 5 Orange Beach City Councilmeeting, the council voted to spend about $77,000 to equip 12 Tahoes bought for the police department at the Sept. 7 meeting with lighting and siren systems including the cost to have it installed and shipped.
With the Tahoes, the police department has now bought 20 new vehicles and three used vehicles in 2021. Many were hail damaged in the freak April 10 storm and others were at the end of their service prompting the purchases. The Tahoes will have a new paint scheme and be predominantly white. The new SUVs bought on Sept. 7 cost more than $425,000.
“We’re very proud of the Orange Beach wraps,” Councilman Jerry Johnson said during the Sept. 7 meeting. “You’re going to really like them on the road. A softer approach.”
During the regular session, the council:
The only item on the work session agenda was to discuss setting a meeting of the Solid Waste Authority on Oct. 19 at 4:45 p.m. just ahead of the council regular and work sessions on that date.

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