Peace Lutheran Church invites community to participate in 9-11 Flags of Peace Remembrance

Peace Lutheran Church invites community to participate in 9-11 Flags of Peace Remembrance
Flags of Peace will be flying proudly from September 9-11 in front of Peace Lutheran Church on the Beach Express in Foley. Set in a grid pattern on 7.5 foot poles, the 3×5 American Flags will be planted to honor and remember American heroes such as first responders, military past and present, and anyone else that flag sponsors would like to honor with Old Glory!
“Decorate the flags as you like, let people know who the flag is for,’’ said event chair Karla Thornton.
Flags are $35 each and can be purchased through the Church online at or by calling 251-974 2545. Corporate sponsorships are also available.
Over 150 Flags for Peace will be flying the weekend of 9-11. Come and walk through this memorial and read the messages on the flags for the people they represent.
Saturday’s 9-11 memorial service is set for the morning with guest speakers and patriotic music. There will be flag-folding ceremonies, first responder demonstrations, and a flag retirement ceremony. After church service on Sunday, patrons are invited to take their flags home to keep, just like the memories of loved ones.
If you have flags that need to be retired, this will be the time to bring them to have them retired appropriately by the Jr. Marine Corp of Pensacola. This is a ceremony worth seeing on Friday evening. A portion of the proceeds will go towards our Helping Kids Thrive program and the needs of local first responders.
For more information about how to become involved, call 251-974-2545 or visit Peace Lutheran Church is located at 8250 Roscoe Rd.
“Everyone remembers where they were when it happened,” Thornton said. “This tragedy brought us together as families and friends. We called people just to touch base and make sure they were alright. We came together as a country and our leaders were behind us. It has been almost 20 years since that unforgettable day. How about being part of an event that will draw folks together again?’’
Pictured: Karla Thornton, committee chairman, with one of the flags available to sponsors of the Peace Lutheran Church Flags of Peace memorial for those who died during the 9-11 terrorist attack.

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