Coastal Alabama Pickleball Club reaches 500 member mark

Coastal Alabama Pickleball Club reaches 500 member mark

By Bob Webb
Just 21 months after it was organized the Coastal Alabama Pickleball Club (CAPC) registered its 500th Member, Laura Moore of Canada City Michigan. Laura and her husband Dave are coming to the area in February to play Pickleball and enjoy the weather of South Alabama. The CAPC, the 7th largest Pickleball Club in the United States, promotes Pickleball, which is the fastest growing sport in America, by providing a free membership, venues for open play, free instruction, as well as a free Annual Club Tournament. There is a $3 per day facility fee at each of the venues. All CAPC opportunities can be found on the website
The CAPC is operated by a an 8 person Steering Committee, 4 Locals, 2 female/2 male and 4 Snowbirds, 2 female/2 male . Steering Committee Members are: Virginia Corker (Mobile) Patty, Barker (Perdido Key), Steve Lloyd (Gulf Shores), Phil Navarro (Foley) Lisa Campbell (Tennessee), Marilyn Gilchrist (Canada), Skip Firzlaff (Iowa), and Paul Garner (Wisconsin). Bob Webb (Foley) serves as the Club’s Administrator.
Register at to become a member. It is free to join the CAPC! Pictured: (l to r) Gordy, Don, Russell and Harvey between games at G.S. Cultural Center.

Inspired By Pickleball

Inspired by my neighbors in the gym today. They come in many shapes and sizes, however this is a mere shadow of what shines as bright as our biggest star. They bring a Spirit of Joy, Thankfulness and Grace. It is shared by the physical demands required by the games rules and their desire to fulfill them. Their broken bodies shone by scars of yesterday does not hinder those spirits. Instead they are overcome with the fervor to not give their weaknesses a glimpse or complain of the inability to perform as such as an Olympian. It is awe striking and emboldening to see the want they carry. To breathe in this infectious want has an uplifting effect on anyone within proximity. It is almost covetous. From the Quinquagenarians to the Octogenarians they are our neighbors who are bent to move forward and wrinkled with excitement to share their respect and love for each other, all of us. The education they share is not of books, but through the toil. They show up, ready to give, and ready to share, ready for all things. They are the neighbors we should strive to be, at home, at work or anywhere. Their past does not super cede, but has molded them by history and forged in fire to bring the best from the coals of hard long days. The neighbors I see today are the hopes my grandchildren will see in the days ahead. I hope these generations are not lost to the robotic, insensitive ways of our youth. The tomorrows will fade if they don’t honor the treasures from yesteryear. Overcome with the light of my neighbors is my wish for all to see and savor.
– Your neighbor, Tamara Pace, Pickle Ball Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

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