SBRMC resumes outpatient & non-emergency procedures

SBRMC resumes outpatient & non-emergency procedures
Patients who have delayed surgery or other non-emergency procedures can now work with their physician to secure care at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center.
The hospital is following the Alabama Governor’s Executive Order allowing some elective surgeries and procedures in hospitals with a low or no-COVID-19 census. Safety remains the hospital’s highest priority.
Numerous precautions for infection prevention, access control, social distancing and patient flow are in place to maintain a safe environment of care. Everyone who enters the building, including staff, is screened, and all employees, physicians and patients are expected to wear masks. The daily number of procedures performed is being limited and furniture in waiting areas has been spaced to maintain appropriate social distancing. Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and caregiving spaces has been intensified. Visitor restrictions for inpatients remain in effect, with exceptions for laboring mothers, pediatric patients, and end-of-life situations.
“Non-COVID-19-care zones have been defined in the hospital, where patients who are screened as negative for COVID-19 will receive care from dedicated staff. If, at any time, we are caring for COVID-19 positive patients in the hospital, those patients are grouped together in the same unit away from all other patients,” said Craig Brown, DO, SBRMC Chief of Staff.
“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our patients’ and caregivers’ health and safety have been our primary concern,” added Daniel McKinney, SBRMC CEO. “As we ramp back up we want to ensure safety for everyone. Patients can be assured that we are taking every precaution to protect them.”
Telehealth will continue to be available as needed. Clinic staff will be kept to a minimum to maintain appropriate social distancing. Appointments will be staggered and patients will come in one at a time to minimize wait times.

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