State champ Tim Langston will compete for national karate title

State champ Tim Langston will compete for national karate title
By Fran Thompson
Already a three time state champion in karate, Gulf Shores resident Tim Langston will attempt to collect a national championship medal when he travels to Virginia to represent his state at the USA National Championships this August.
A busy man, Langston has a business remodeling homes. He also spends many evenings helping his sensei, Chris Wheeles, build a 4,800 sq. ft. building that will eventually be the new home of Wheeles Yoshukai Karate Academy near the entrance to Gulf Shores High School.
Langston also teaches children’s karate classes at Wheeles’ academy and was recently appointed to a coaching position with the USA Martial Arts team that will travel to London this October to compete in the World Martial Arts Games.
“I do have lots of things going on this year, but I enjoy it, especially teaching the kids. You have to be patient, but there is nothing like it when you see them finally get it.’’
Although he trains for at least 90 minutes every day and has earned numerous accolades competing in his sport for 12 years, Langston said the reality of how complex his sport is will always keep him humble.
“Earning a black belt is really just the beginning. It takes years and years – probably about 40 – before you even begin to top out. It never ends, and that’s part of what makes it so fun.’’
Langston also enjoys the competition.
“I’m a natural born competitor,’’ he said. “It’s in my blood. I love to compete, and I love to win, too.’’
Langston is seeking sponsors to offset travel expenses. For more info, call him at 251-233-2446.

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