Video seems to prove golfer was the aggressor at Craft Farms

Video seems to prove golfer was the aggressor at Craft Farms
By Fran Thompson
Thank goodness the incident was recorded on video, which was the idea behind the prank gone wrong in the first place.
Unfortunately, as of press time, only the original story was picked up by media from all over the country, including the Miami Herald and USA Today. Headlines included “Three golfers ambushed by camouflage-clad attackers” and “Jackass’ Copycats Beat Up Golfers After Confrontation.” The New York Post even featured the story, describing the victims as “the three elderly golfers.’’ GSPD Lt. Jason Woodruff was contacted by TMZ.
The three golfers, who were definitely not elderly, were participating in a tourney at Craft Farms when someone hiding in the woods blew an air horn while each was attempting to hit their ball from the tee at the no. 3 hole during a tourney at Cotton Creek at around 1 p.m. on Sept. 26.
I watched the video. I thought it was funny.
According to the original WKRG report that went viral, when the golfers confronted the honker, they were assaulted by the man and several other suspects who were hiding in the woods. The suspects were all wearing face paint and camouflage. One of the victims was hospitalized for treatment for a head cut and broken teeth, according to the initial police report. Police were able to identify the accused from a picture a witness in a nearby neighborhood took of the car they left in and its license plate.
GSPD determined an assault had taken place and initiated an investigation. In response to the accusations, the pranksters released a video (currently available on the WKRG website) that they claim proves they were victimized after they admittedly purposely antagonized the golfers in order to gain hits on their youtube channel.
“Do you need me to beat someone up here,’’ said one of the golfers in the video while walking towards the direction from which the horn was blown.
“You don’t need to keep taking pictures. I’m liable to slap you in the head,’’ he added on video while approaching a man near the woods.
“I’m with Auburn University. I’m trying to get pictures of red hawks in the area,” the younger man being threatened said.
That did not sit well with the golfer.
“Know who you’re messing with before you do that. I kill people for a living,” said the golfer on the video.
The pranksters claim a member of their video crew was tackled and beaten by a golfer. They posted a youtube of the incident titled, “Three Alabama Golfers Attack. The Truth Will Shock You.’’
“We did not attack anyone, we were attacked and it was a prank that led to violence,” Seth Randall told WKRG.
“We find it fun. We weren’t trespassing. We were at a homeowner’s house who lived at Craft Farms,” Seth Randall said.
“I’m going to say we were on the right side of it all which led to a few men being very aggressive,” Chaidy Mack added.
GSPD decided not to arrest anyone after reviewing the video evidence. But the report that went viral is that three golfers were pranked, and then attacked. And one man then attempted to steal their golf cart. How one golfer reportedly ended up hospitalized with broken teeth is still not public knowledge.
What is clear in the video is that the golfer was a good 35 years older than the immature prankster he walked towards and threatened.
What is unfortunate for our national reputation, at least during one 24 hour news cycle, is that the golfer’s response to the prank was even less mature.
Luckily, mature adults, in the way of GSPD, did get involved. And they did not find enough evidence to file charges against anybody.
“I get that it may have been a prank. but it all could have just as easily been avoided. It was just unnecessary really,’’ said Lt. Woodruff.

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