Foley removing Bon Secour beaver dam to reduce flooding in area

Foley removing Bon Secour beaver dam to reduce flooding in area
Dam included hot tub in river since 2020’s Hurricane Sally

Removing a massive beaver dam that includes its own hot tub is among the additional drainage improvements planned in south Foley as officials work to reduce flooding in the area. One item placed in the dam by the beavers was a hot tub that appeared to have been washed into the river during Hurricane Sally, which struck the area in 2020. The beavers will be trapped and removed and the dam will be demolished, the mayor
“We realized that what was done wasn’t draining a lot of water adjacent to our property on the road. My street supervisor went out with the Greenco people and found a massive, massive beaver dam. It was like the Taj Mahal,” said Darrell Russell, Foley public works director. “My impression, from what I’ve been told by my people and by the company, is that if we don’t remove it, we basically just wasted our time. It’s huge. It even has its own hot tub. Really hot literally is a hot tub and they got it built in.”
Greenco is the company hired to clear the debris from the river that remained from Hurricane Sally/ Foley Mayor Ralph Hellmich said crews cleared a large amount of debris from the stream.
“They did a fantastic job of cleaning it out all the way from Hickory and from Michigan down past the fork,” Hellmich said. “Then they noticed that south of there at the very end of our property, it wasn’t draining where it should have been. We need to do this because if we don’t, we will just keep backing up.”