Foley Dedicates New Fire Truck

Foley Dedicates New Fire Truck
The Foley Fire Department dedicated the new pumper this month with a ceremony at the city’s main fire station. The 2023 custom-built fire truck is a Rosenbauer Minnesota Commander EXT pumper. The unit has a pumping capacity of 1,500 gallons a minute and a 750 gallon water tank. Firefighters, city officials and guests helped push the vehicle into the station to mark the truck’s activation. The project to add the $600,000 truck began in December 2021 when the vehicle was ordered. FFD staff worked with the Rosenbauer company to have the truck designed to meet Foley’s needs. Additional equipment added $150,000 to the total. The city also ordered a ladder truck, whic is in the process of construction.
Chief Joey Darby said the vehicle would be placed in active service immediately after the ceremony. “Our demand for services has increased drastically,” Darby said. “We’re up about 70% over the last five years. So we need to make sure that the trucks that we get are built the right way and that they are going to be good service trucks for us.” Darby said the ceremony dates back to the 1800s when horse-drawn fire engines were pushed back into the station by hand. “It’s a great example of our mayor, council and city administration supporting us in all the things that we do to try to make sure that we have the equipment that we need to service this growing community,” Darby said.
Mayor Ralph Hellmich said the city is committed to providing the support needed to help the Fire Department protect citizens of Foley.
“I think it’s just an incredible day,” Hellmich said. “Our goal with the council is to provide the best equipment for the best fire department in Baldwin County.”
Darby said.