Master Gardener Marilyn Mannhard Speaks To Robertsdale Garden Club

Master Gardener Marilyn Mannhard Speaks To Robertsdale Garden Club
Members and guests will hear about hydrangeas on March 12

Marilyn Mannhard, Baldwin County Master Gardener, presented a program on container gardening for the members and guests of the Robertsdale Garden Club. Some of the major points she presented were to use a 15 gallon container, good drainage, natural mulch, use Miracle-Gro, sterilize pots, and the use of cages. She recommended using a dolly to transport the 15 gallon containers. She discussed which vegetables grow best locally and when and how to plant them. Mannhard was a teacher for many years which made her presentation understandable and enjoyable.

Following Mannhard’s presentation and Club business, members and guests played games and enjoyed a salad lunch. One of the games was to identify members and guest from their baby pictures. Madeline Fernandes was the coordinator for the lunch which included festive decorations for Valentine’s Day. Madeline provided a gift for all attendees.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at 10:0 a.m. at the PZK Hall. Pat Weber will be the hostess of this meeting which will be presented by Baldwin County Master Gardener Wanda Martin regarding hydrangeas. Guests are invited.

Pictured: Mary Francis Boykin, President, Marilyn Mannhard, Baldwin County Master Gardener;Guests and Members Enjoying Salad Luncheon.