Big Lagoon Kiwanians sponsor Wreaths at Barrancas Cemetery

Big Lagoon Kiwanians sponsor Wreaths at Barrancas Cemetery
Local group will spread 12,000 wreaths on Veterans Day (Nov. 11)

The Kiwanis Club of Big Lagoon is well into the planning for its annual Wreaths Across American program, part of a nationwide charity that delivers wreaths to all 50 states. Big Lagoon Kiwanians solicit memorial wreath sponsorships specifically for Barrancas National Cemetery onboard NAS in Pensacola and will place the wreaths on veterans’ headstones in December on National Remembrance Day/Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. For more info, call (850) 207-1217.
Every year, the club organizes the distribution of over 12,000 wreaths with the help of volunteers, including youth groups.
The goal is to not only to honor the brave men and women who have fought for our country but also to teach young people about the sacrifices veterans have made throughout history.
Barrancas is the resting place for a variety of troops, including 251 African-American soldiers who fought during the Civil War.

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