Letter To Editor: There are steps that we can take to stem toxic red tide

There are steps that we can take to stem toxic red tide

Dear Editor,
Toxic red tide is a harmful algae bloom that can be fed by the nutrients in pollution, especially agricultural pollution, such as fertilizer run-off. It is caused by naturally occurring algae and fertilizer run-off from farms and lawns. Toxic red tide could be exacerbated by global climate change.
Toxic red tide has many effects. It kills fish, sea turtles, marine mammals and birds. It stinks. It causes sore throats and coughing in people. It impacts the income of commercial fishermen and fishing guides. Toxic red tide also impacts the local economy by hurting tourism.
What can be done? Farms can use less fertilizer. Farms can use compost. New farmland can be zoned farther away from waterways that eventually empty into oceans or the Gulf. Farms can create larger retention ponds. People can have lawns that do not need fertilizer at all. They can also buy organic fruits and vegetables.
Toxic red tide was just recently spotted in Navarre.
Ian Patton
Second Class Scout, Boy Scout Troop 47, Fairhope

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