Orange Beach taking steps to remove abandoned boat

Orange Beach taking steps to remove abandoned boat
Operator cited for public intoxication after hitting jetty

By John Mullen
A boat ran unto the jetties and seawall on the east side of Perdido Pass has been considered abandoned. Stephen Craig Hallum, the boat’s owner, was arrested onboard the boat and charged with public intoxication on June 13. The city has been seeking bids for getting the boat off the jetty.
“We have the Coast Guard coming to try and offload the fuel and any hazardous materials,” Kennon said. “At that point, they exit the scene and leave it up to us to figure it out. We’ve got one from David Walter to remove it, haul, store and dispose of it after a period of time. It’s not cheap, $45,000.
Walter owns Walter Marine, an Orange Beach company that has been involved in placing several artificial reef structures in the Gulf including pyramids, boats and the 271-foot LuLu in 2013.
Pictured: The abandoned boat stuck on the rocks at Perdido Pass is shown on the morning of Thursday, June 21, 2018, when a crew from the Coast Guard was pumping gas off fuel and removing any hazardous material.