“What we will remember is how we treated one another”

“What we will remember is how we treated one another”
Steven Colbert, one of three emcees hosting the recent “One World: Together At Home” all-star concert featuring performances from Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Keith Urban, Paul McCartney and others, made the evening’s most lasting impression while talking about his late father, an immunologist employed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
“He would say follow the advice of scientists, but also that science can answer only how this world works, not why we are in this world,” Colbert said. “And this crisis has reminded us with urgency that we are here to be as kind as we can. Because when this is all over — and it will be over — what we will remember is how we treated one another. And I pray that when we look back on this time of trial, we can say that we faced it with determination, hope and love.”
Billed as a celebration of those Americans endangering their own lives to fight the coronavirus, the two hour special was put together by Lady Gaga with the World Health Organization and anti-poverty group Global Citizen. It was broadcast on CBS, ABC and NBC, and also streamed on social media.
The broadcast featured poignant interviews with health care professionals and was in not political, but it is hard to imagine good people regardless of their political views not being moved by Colbert’s call for kindness.

Pictured: Taylor Swift One World: Together At Home

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